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This course dispels the five scariest medical cancer myths.

Why is cancer so scary? Because the disease is mysterious and elusive.

And because, collectively, we're losing the battle against it.

With top medical researchers around the world, huge advances in technology to diagnose cancer, 100 years of the American Cancer Society (largest charity in history), and even with 45 years of an all-out "war on cancer"  ...the problem is actually getting worse.

Your individual chance of being diagnosed with cancer has skyrocketed since your grandparents' time, to  1 in 3 (1 in 2 if you're a man). Worse, the chance of surviving conventional medical cancer treatment for longer than 5 years is under 40%.

Now scientific discoveries from outside the medical system show that these don't have to be our results. These scientific discoveries were made at a German teaching hospital in the 1980's by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, who was head of oncology at that time.

By understanding the basic science of cancer, you not only dispel your fear of cancer, you also take control over your health. Dr. Hamer's findings, when taught to cancer patients, resulted in survival rates over 90% - a statistic completely unheard of in conventional cancer care today.

The Mind Over Symptom Training

The World's "M.O.S.T." Direct Path to Perfect Health
Get interesting and very rare insights on how to painlessly switch on your immunity, dissolve your symptom(s), and create a body you love (all while lowering your stress and enjoying yourself).

Get Help for Your Issue (1:1 Support)

Every symptom - physical, emotional, or psychological - is a result of a special biological program of nature. It's just like the output of a computer program, except that the computer is your very own brain.

I call these brain programs your "MindTree," because one symptom, if it isn't understood, tends to trigger new brain programs and therefore new symptoms. Each unresolved symptom branches into more and more symptoms.

To change your symptom, we have to access your MindTree and resolve those special biological programs of nature. And the best way I know to access those brain programs is through the communication technique that I call the MindTree Integration Process™.