De-Coding Your Symptom

Every symptom - physical, emotional, or psychological - has a particular meaning. It's like a code.

In fact, it's an output of coding in your brain. That coding in your brain is what I call your "MindTree" (because of how one conflict, if it isn't solved, tends to branch into other conflicts).

To change your symptom, we have to access your MindTree and resolve those conflicts. And the way to do this is through a communication process.

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The reason why communication is the key to accessing your mind is that every thought is an as-yet unfulfilled intention to communicate or relate. The mind is made up of thoughts, and so your MindTree is an organized collection of unfulfilled intentions to communicate.

These unfulfilled communications are currently being handled by temporary emergency response programs hardwired in your brain ...emergency response programs more commonly known as "symptoms."

The only way to permanently resolve any symptom is to complete these communications.

I created the Symptom Clearing Session to apply the MindTree Integration Process. The MindTree Integration Process is a special 1:1 communication technique made up of two components:

  1. Application of the Five Natural Laws of Healing (discovered by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, who calls them "The Five Biological Laws"), and
  2. Application of the Clearing Communication Technique (developed by Charles and Ada Berner, co-creators of mind clearing and the Enlightenment Intensive ).

The magic of this technique is that, by communicating your thoughts in a way that someone else receives them, you also receive them.

The symptom-causing thoughts are in your unconscious, but as soon as they come up into your consciousness, they promptly clear out. They have finished their purpose and no longer exist.

The symptom also no longer needs to exist.

Purpose of the Symptom-Clearing Session

Conventional treatment can be very slow (or, in many cases, never cures you at all) because it tries to heal your body by itself, without addressing the true source of your symptoms: the unresolved traumas (called "biological conflicts") that exist in your brain programs (what I call your "MindTree").

Real healing - by resolving and releasing the internal stress to which your brain and body are responding with a symptom - happens at the speed of thought.

You can experience this rapid and enlightening healing process in a 60-90 minute symptom clearing session.

No matter how long things have been this way, as soon as your unresolved stress and trauma are cleared from your "brain software," natural biological law will automatically return your system to a healthy, balanced state.

In other words, by clearing what's making you feel bad, you will feel good.

Structure of the Symptom Clearing Session

In each session, we work on one symptom at a time. First, we agree on what the top problem at this moment is, and then we work on it using the MindTree Integration Process.

Our goals are to:

  • discover why you are creating your symptom
  • resolve the trauma experience(s) that are creating the symptom
  • give you a rapid alleviation of the mental-emotional aspects of your symptom
  • minimize any healing symptoms of the physical aspects of your symptom
  • turn your "problem" into a "project."

This powerful experience will produce changes in the way you think and respond.

What Clients Say About this Process


I was feeling unable to move on from a shocking situation. Feeling heavy in my body and my mind jumbled. After the session, I felt more complete about the situation. I was relieved to be able to move through it and I felt stress leave my body. I had more movement in my face, less numbness and could smile again. I also felt more empowered to know that if something like this happens again I will be able to support myself through it or have Lishui to call for a session. I felt comfortable and it was easy to understand so I could trust what I was experiencing after our session. Thanks again for this.

Melissa Sarazin, My Authentic Nature

Facial Paralysis/Bell's Palsy


As soon as you resolve these traumatic unconscious thoughts and conflicting ideas, your brain instantly stops running the biological programs (aka "symptoms") that it has been putting out as a stress response.

Who the Symptom Clearing Sessions Are For

These powerful self-healing sessions are for you if:

  • you are a committed, conscious, goal-oriented person who has an unresolved physical or emotional health issue 
  • you are aware of the mind-body connection, yet you're still struggling with a problem
  • you know that all physical experience originates from consciousness
  • perhaps you're living with a diagnosis that conventional and even alternative healing systems have not been able to solve (maybe it's even considered to be "incurable," like a genetic disorder, a so-called degenerative disease, and many other major diagnoses)
  • you're ready to create what conventional treatment might call a "medical miracle" by healing from within.

However, this process isn't for everyone. It's limited by our ability to effectively communicate with each other:

  • You must be willing to go into your own thoughts and communicate them.
  • We cannot clear what you believe to be external causes, such as anatomy, microbes, allergens, other people, etc
  • Nobody else can think your thoughts for you. You must be willing to do the work, rather than have it done for you.

This is why the MindTree Integration Process is completely different from medical treatment and most alternative health care.

More Reasons Why the Symptom Clearing Session is Awesome

During and after your clearing session, you will:

  • skip the complex jargon and scary technological info to get directly to the true source of your symptom (biological conflict)
  • quickly understand exactly why you are creating your symptom (and what's been preventing it from healing)
  • gain perspective of and power over your mind ...the real source of power over your body and life
  • know and be ready to implement the correct strategy to dissolve your symptom for good

Clients report that because of the session they:

  • clearly understand the biological reason for their symptom,
  • gain perspective on how their thoughts connect to one another to create patterns,
  • release fear of their body's processes,
  • unlock their symptom's healing by integrating and dissolving the conflict that is creating the symptom,
  • develop a strategy to move forward with confidence that this symptom is now permanently under their control,
  • equip themselves with a plan for managing the changes to their lives that will naturally come when their symptom is gone.

A few more details...

The investment for a single session is $297, but it there's a synergistic effect when we do more than one session within 24 hours. And the price per session goes down, too 🙂 .

The session is held by videoconference (preferably) or the phone. No commute or waiting room!

The MindTree Integration Process keeps you anchored in a detached, analytical perspective on your own feelings and thoughts. This is very difficult to do on your own, but is much easier with a communication partner because it's what your brain naturally wants to do. We will stick to this throughout the session.

80% of the time, my clients reveal to me the specific traumatic experience which is creating their symptom within the first few minutes of the session. If you don't "click" on it right away, it will likely come as an insight either during or soon after the session.

Based on the natural function of the human mind, the MindTree Integration Process is a pleasurable experience for most people. It leaves you feeling lighter, unburdened, and with a new sense of clarity and direction.

In this unique process, you will not receive any medical advice or counselling. To book a session, you must agree that you understand that this is not a medical appointment and you will not receive any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

After your session(s), I'll send you a follow-up report that summarizes what occurred and how to keep your healing momentum going.


To find out more about the MindTree Integration Process™ or to discuss pricing, payment, or scheduling options that meet your needs, call

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To find out more about the MindTree Integration Process™ or to discuss pricing, payment, or scheduling options that meet your needs, e-mail

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