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Your individual chance of being diagnosed with cancer is 1 in 3. Your chance of surviving more than 5 years after diagnosis is under 40%. This is why cancer is so scary. The Answers 2 Cancer course presents the science of cancer, discovered and verified by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, resulting in extremely high survival rates and the end of cancer fear those who understand Dr. Hamer's work.


This course dispels the five scariest medical myths about cancer.

Why is cancer so scary?

Because the disease is mysterious and elusive. And because we’re losing the battle against it.

With our top medical minds around the world researching, with huge advances in technology to diagnose cancer, with the largest charitable society in the history of the world working to solve this problem for over 100 years now, and even with 45 years of all-out “war on cancer”  …the problem is actually getting worse.

Your individual chance of being diagnosed with cancer is 1 in 3 (actually, 1 in 2 if you’re a man). And, once diagnosed, your chance of surviving more than 5 years in conventional cancer treatment is less than 40%.

Yet scientific discoveries from outside the medical system show that these don’t have to be your results. These scientific discoveries were made at a German teaching hospital in the 1980’s by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, who was head of oncology at that time.

By understanding the basic science of cancer, you not only dispel your fear of cancer, you also take control over your health. Dr. Hamer’s findings, when taught to cancer patients, resulted in survival rates over 90% – a statistic completely unheard of in conventional cancer care today.

Please note: this is the pilot version of the Answers 2 Cancer course. I’m still developing the course and collecting client feedback. So the price is 75% off…plus, you get to tell me how to make it better for you. 🙂

The Answers 2 Cancer course presents 6 hours of video lessons that:

  1. demonstrate the science of cancer to you in a simple, direct way that makes it very easy to understand;
  2. strip away the confusing medical myths and disproven folklore about cancer that dominate the cancer story today, making it clear what, exactly is going on in the phenomenon of cancer, as well as how best to respond; and
  3. show you the “bigger picture” of why Nature creates cancer, showing you that, in fact, if you work with your body, you will always be supported and empowered in your health.

Lesson 1 – Catching Cancer Early

Lesson 1 addresses the dominant medical myth that cancer begins when a mutant or damaged cell divides “out of control.” This myth leads to a terrible fear that cancer is a result of bad luck, bad lifestyle, or bad genes, or is the result of a punishment or an evil force. It leaves us in a state of helplessness, a victim of a monster that we can’t control.

By the end of Lesson 1, you will know:

  • why cancer is so easy to understand (and why feeling overwhelmed isn’t necessary anymore)
  • what the true cause of cancer is …making a cure not only possible, but well within reach in most cases
  • why the main danger of cancer is in the psyche, not in the body …and how you can take charge of this in order to take charge of your healing.

Lesson 2 – Controlling Cancer Behaviour

Lesson 2 addresses the pervasive medical myth that the cancer tissue itself is responsible for the physical symptoms of cancer and death from cancer. This myth is the root of our fear that changes in our body due to cancer are random …and evil (the literal meaning of the word “malignancy”). Lesson 2 shows you that the main danger of cancer isn’t usually the cancer tissue itself.

Lesson 2 also shows:

  • how the cancer “identity” keeps us invested in succumbing to this disease (you’ll want to eliminate this danger before it takes hold),
  • why prognosis and statistics are a waste of your energy, and how to put your attention, instead, on the therapies that will get you results,
  • how to identify the reason for specific cancer symptoms, so you can make yourself feel better.

Lesson 3 – Neutralizing Cancer Risk

Lesson 3 topples the backward and very outdated medical myth that cancer is a result of “risk factors:” vulnerabilities caused by your body, your genetic inheritance, or your lifestyle. This widespread and deep-seated myth makes us devalue ourselves and creates the fear that our bodies are flawed, broken, or damaged when we develop cancer.

This myth can also make us feel that cancer is a punishment because of our history of bad habits like smoking or sunbathing, or maybe a punishment for failing to escape family patterns.

Worst of all, the myth of vulnerability to cancer “risk factors” also leads to the greatest cancer fear of all: the fear of the dreaded metastasis.

By the end of Lesson 3, you will know:

  • why you don’t have to learn a huge amount of technical info and cancer prevention tips to know exactly why each type of cancer occurs (and how to pay attention only to the most relevant information),
  • why there are really only 4 cancers, that fall into two categories (you only have to know a few details to know exactly what’s happening and what to do about it),
  • how you can end your worry about whether your body will go out of “control” (because you’ll know the specific way that every type of cancer is controlled).

Lesson 4 – Immunizing Against Cancer

Lesson 4 debunks the medical myth that “immune system failure” lets carcinogens or other outside forces into your body to trigger cancer.

This myth is based on an incorrect understanding of immune function that was scientifically disproven over 100 years ago. But believing this myth creates the fear that illness happens to us, that “forces” of disease are all around us, and that we have to avoid living in order to avoid dying!

When you understand the principles in Lesson 4, you’ll know: 

  • how to switch on your immunity to the world “out there” – germs, toxins, carcinogens – so you can soothe your oversensitivity,
  • how to ramp up your immune function to the max so you no longer have to worry about whether your immune system is “working” right (hint: immunity is either 100% on …or off. There is no in-between. You’ll learn how to put your immunity in the “on” position for good),
  • why the world around you will always restrict you, try to make you do this or that …and how to set healthy boundaries that protect both you and everyone around you.

Lesson 5 – Overcoming Cancer

Lesson 5 debunks the medical and cultural myth that cancer is a result of accidental genetic mutation.

(And, while we’re at it, we’ll debunk the idea that anything in life can be a result of accidental genetic mutation)

This myth is actually a part of a formative cultural myth that was born at the same time as the Agricultural Revolution: the myth that we are either born good or born bad.

This deeply-held, essentially religious medical paradigm has influenced all mainstream scientific thinking over the past several centuries, and has been formative of our general sense of the place of humanity in evolution.

The myth also introduces a massive bias in medical diagnosis and treatment, obscuring the truth about what cancer really is. It creates a terrible fear of our own power over ourselves. As a result, we respond to the cancer cells …rather than to the human being who has cancer. 

This is the real reason why cancer is such a terrible disease. By refusing to look at the real reason for our cancer, we make it worse.

By the end of Lesson 5, you’ll know:

  • why you have never been and could never be “just a statistic.” You can – and should – expect “miracles” when you know how to take charge of your body (and you will know how with this lesson …right down to the genetic level).
  • why being “selfish” is the only way to be alive and thriving. You’ll know how to be 100% self-serving and meet all your needs …while also serving others and the planet the best way possible.
  • how trying to maintain standards of “normal” health not only prevents your healing, it’s actually the primary source of every type of cancer. You’ll learn how taking charge and stepping out of the “herd” actually reduces your sense of isolation, as you become a master of your own evolution.

How much for the Answers 2 Cancer course?

The price is $147 $37 (Canadian Dollars).

Because it’s still in development, you get the course for 75% off today. You’ll also automatically be converted to lifetime access to the completed course once it’s finished.

  • I understand the price I will be paying today for access to the Answers 2 Cancer course is just $37.
  • I understand that this is a pilot versions of the Answers 2 Cancer course and, that I will be able to provide feedback to help improve the course.
  • I understand I will receive instant access to almost 6 hours of training, the lessons are 100% video based and I can watch them from any device.
  • I understand products and services provided by Lishui Springford are based on Lishui Springford’s examination of teachings presented by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer and others to share knowledge which may help with my self-healing, but are not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.
  • I understand I will be receiving lifetime access, including lifetime access to the final version of the Answers 2 Cancer course, there are no recurring fees and I can watch the training as much as I want, whenever I want, forever.
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