Life Coaching

$2197 CDN
(or $1897 when you choose the full-pay option at initial booking)

12 monthly sessions. In each session, we work on one symptom at a time as well as the "big picture" using the MindTree Integration Process™.

Life-Saving Health Secrets | Lessons and sessions to help you overcome your symptom.


Looking for a partner in your self-healing journey? This package is designed to provide you with 12 sessions over nine months to give you maintenance support while you launch a new, healthy life.

You can use your three extra sessions whenever you like within the 9 months, or you can use them up until 3 months later. So this can also just be 12 months of monthly sessions, if you prefer.

The 9-month MindTree Health Life Coaching Package also includes unlimited e-mail support between sessions. Normally, I am able to respond within 24 hours.

Our goals in each session are to:

  • discover why you're creating your symptom
  • resolve the trauma experience that the symptom is a response to
  • give you a rapid alleviation of the mental-emotional aspects of your symptom
  • minimize any healing symptoms of the physical aspects of your symptom
  • turn your “problem” into a “project.”


Every symptom is your brain’s emergency response mechanism. It begins as a survival mechanism when you have an unresolved traumatic stress (a “biological conflict”).

But if we don’t resolve the conflict soon, that symptom becomes a traumatic stress, too, leading to more symptoms.

So most symptoms are actually the result of deeper unresolved symptoms.

I call this branching structure of unresolved conflicts, your “MindTree.”

Because of the way your MindTree is structured, when you resolve a symptom or challenge in life, it reveals a deeper, older symptom that you kind of forgot was there. So it looks like old problems are coming back.

You solve those problems, but then an even older problem resurfaces. What a can of worms!

The solution is to get down to the “trunk” of your MindTree, to the true origin of all the stuff that you’re being overwhelmed with today. That true origin is a survival trauma related to basic nourishment or protection.

The 9-month MindTree Health Life Coaching Package is designed to support people who are in a non-urgent situation in life.

You will have 3 "bonus" sessions that you can use at any time until you have used all 12 sessions in your coaching package. This is designed to deliver all your sessions over a nine month period, because this is the natural time period for creating a new life. But you can schedule your sessions whenever you like, as long as you use all of your sessions within 12 months.

We’ll begin each session by agreeing on what the top problem at this moment is. This will shift throughout and between the sessions, as you make progress. We’ll work on your top problem using the MindTree Integration Process™.

In between sessions, you get to practice what you’ve discovered with your real life. When you come back for your next session, we’ll address the next issue that’s coming up for you …plus we’ll sort through issues you’re having around healing (sometimes healing symptoms are physically uncomfortable, which can trigger new stress for you. We want to nip that in the bud!)

After each session, I’ll send you a report that summarizes what occurred during the session, and suggestions for keeping your momentum going afterward.



More Options to Meet Your Needs


To find out more about the MindTree Integration Process™ or to discuss pricing, payment, or scheduling options that meet your needs, call

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To find out more about the MindTree Integration Process™ or to discuss pricing, payment, or scheduling options that meet your needs, e-mail